Who qualifies for the title of counsellor of sexuality?

A "Counsellor of Sexuality" is a counselling professional in the Scientific Studies of Sexuality with a) a Bachelors degree in sexuality Cousellors of Sexuality must be registered with the CSHP.


What services are provided by a counsellor of sexuality?

Please note that not all counsellors of sexuality are specialising in all specialities below and that only a few examples are given below. 

Sexology (diagnoses and treatment) often requires professional team work between the General Practitioner, the Counsellor of Sexuality, the Sexologist, the Psychologist and specialists such as Urologists, Gynecologists, Endocrinologists, Surgeons and other professionals. The counsellor often needs to refer.

1) RELATIONSHIP SEXUALITY (Couples counselling)

Understanding the differences between male & female sexuality         Sexual conflict because of high/low libido & different sexual needs and desires

Sexual fears, anxieties, inhibitions or aversion                                            Sexual frustrations / boredom                                          Sexual information

Individual and relationship counselling and conflict solution                    Enhancing the quality & quantity of a couple’s sexuality       

Skills on how to manage sexual conflict in a relationship                          Fear for sexual rejection


Low sexual self-esteem with no/little confidence                                              

Straight / Gay issues / Intersex     


Training of parents on how to give sex education to their children / teenagers                     Fear of parents regarding straight / gay issues

Education to parents and teenagers on how to manage teenage sexuality                  


Low libido                                 STD’s & HIV                          Sexual injuries (consensual & non-consensual)                        Many more    


A diversity of sexual addiction

Sex and the law information

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