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One of the CSHP's main functions is to protect the new profession in South Africa of Sexologists, Therapists of Sexuality & Counsellors of Sexuality as Category A members.There are also other professionals in related professions such as medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, ministers, teachers, lawyers etc. Sexual health is not their main profession but within their profession they are experts in sexuality. Their own professional board cannot protect them within their profession's constitution and code of conduct, but the CSHP can and the CSHP do if they are registered Category B members.

It is part of our mission a) to ensure that the public receive the highest quality of professional sexual health services from well-trained sexual health professionals. b) to ensure world class academic training programs in Sexology on NQF 6 to 10 levels with professional career outcomes as counsellors of sexuality (NQF 6), therapists of sexuality (NQF 8) and sexologists (NQF 10) in collaboration with national and international academics, tertiary institutions, organizations and other professional bodies.c) Career-enhancing sexological programs on a postgraduate level to all related professionals such as medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, lawyers, theologians, educational professionals etc.d) Much needed qualitative and quantitative research projects in sexology which reflect the empirical sexual reality of society in order to enhance sexual health, sexual well-being & sexual happiness and to develop effective pro-active programs against HIV & AIDS, rape and sexual abuse. e) Sexual life-enhancement programs to any member of the public (practical short courses with a solid theoretical and ethical foundation primarily based on the World Health Organization’s research on sex education).

The Professional Code of Conduct for Sexual Health Practitioners is based on the code of conduct drawn up by the World Health Organization Helsinki 6 June 2009

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