The CSHP is a professional body regulating sexual health and - well-being  in the RSA



  • to optimize the sexual health, sexual well-being & sexual happiness of all South Africans (on all aspects of sexuality - procreation, relationships & recreation) as their human / constitutional rights in the RSA 

  •  to provide best practices of professional sexual health services from well-trained sexual health professionals to ensure that the public of the RSA receives the highest quality of professional services.


  • The CSHP is a direct outcome of the World Health Organization’s report on sexuality in 1975 & 2001: “Human sexuality should be encouraged to develop as an autonomous discipline. Country and regional resource centers should be established to provide consultation and assistance in programs of training, production of educational materials, research, and therapy related to sexuality”.

  • The CSHP replaces the non-statutory professional body of SEXOLOGY SA (founded in 2003). 

    SEXOLOGY SA collaborated with SAQA regarding the regulation of professional bodies and appears on the list of professional bodies and related organisations involved in SAQA PROJECT 2010. The CSHP registered as a NPC in the RSA in 2016 and amended its CONSTITUTION in 2020.


1) The CSHP is a legally constituted entity with the necessary human and financial resources to undertake its functions, governed by a constitution and compliant with and adhere to good corporate governance practices.

2) The CSHP protect the public interest in relation to services provided by its members and the associated risks.

3) The CSHP develop, award, monitor and revoke its professional designations in terms of its own rules and international conventions.

4) The Professional Code of Conduct of the CSHP is based on the code of conduct drawn up by the World Health Organization Helsinki 6 June 2009

5) The CSHP keep a fully updated list/record of members.

6) The CSHP set criteria for, promote and monitor continuing professional development (CPD) for its category A members to meet the relevant professional designation requirements of sexologist, therapist- of sexuality and counsellor of sexuality.

7) The CSHP do have a published code of conduct and do operate a mechanism for investigating members who are alleged to have contravened the code.


The CSHP has different categories of membership:

1) Category A membership: Sexologists, Therapists of Sexuality & Counsellors of Sexuality

2) Category B membership: professionals who are proven experts in human sexuality in related disciplines, for example: medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, ministers, teachers, lawyers etc

3) Honorary members

4) Organizations & individuals promoting sexual health, -well-being & -happiness.

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